We are committed and focused on providing you an A+ experience. 

Hope Street Funding & realty 

Hope Street Funding & Realty is a full-service real estate boutique who is hyper-focused on providing the A+ client experience. We assist family offices throughout the Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura, Inland Empire, and San Bernardino County markets.  Hope St. focus is to support individual families, family offices with purchases, dispositions, repositions, acquiring specific off-market assets, construction & development and managing.
Our dealings are confidential. We will guarantee that our services will remain confidential even after closing.

What we specialize on?

Seller Representation

We focus on providing listing services for sellers within in the southern California Market. 
  • We provide you full service marketing with the best services guaranteed. 
  • We obtain 100% of the asking price. Sometimes more. 
  • We represent sellers statewide (California) 
  • Vertically Integrated to save you time and money, to expedite the buying, selling, and debt process 

Buyers Representation

  • We focus on providing borrower the best client experience with the lowest rates on the market. from start to finish of a home purchase.   
  • We provide first time home buyer programs to 10%, to 20% down loan programs for current home owners
  • We represent buyers in select cities, contact us to find out where we serve
  • Vertically Integrated to save you time and money, to expedite the buying, selling, and debt process 

Lending Representation

  • We can assist you in refinancing, cashing out, or fixing your ARM into a low fixed rate mortgage
  • Cash out on your Luxury Property to Buy Cash Flowing Assets (Apartments, Units, etc. ) 
  • Currently have an FHA with private mortgage insurance, we can help you cancel that immediately 
  • More than two or three borrowers, we can help you remove people from title or the loan 
  • Need to switch to a conventional loan? We can help. 
  • Need to remove the PMI from your FHA Loan? We can help. 
  • Need a VA Loan, or a VA Interest Rate Reduction Loan? We can help.
  • Need to refinance your Jumbo Loan, or cash out to a jumbo loan ? We can help. 
  • Lowest mortgage rates, we're a wholesaler which means we pass on our savings to you. We give you floor discounted rates compared to banks, credit units, and speciality middle market banks who base their lending/risk based on relationships- we offer rates, lower than these middle market banks. 
  • Best Rates and Services Guaranteed 
  • Vertically Integrated to save you time and money, to expedite the buying, selling, and debt process  

Popular Loan Products:  

FHA | Conventional  | High Balance | Owner Occupied or Non Owner Occupied Jumbo Loans to $4,000,000 | 15%-20% Down No Documentation and No Ratio- Non-Owner Occupied Investment Jumbo's to $4,000,000 for Luxury Single Family Loans | Super Jumbo to $25,000,000 | Construction Loans | Bridge & Super Bridge |  Apartment 5+ Units | CRE | Industrial  | Mixed Used Real Estate.  

Off Market Purchases or Sales

  • Real Estate Purchases or Sale Listings
  • We can find you a specific asset if buying (land, by zip code, size, zoning, etc.) 
  • Specific to project size, land use and niche criteria, or investment strategy type (core, core plus, opportunistic, etc.)  
  • Off-Market Sales, Sale for more in Beach/Niche/Higher End Markets
  • Sell for more if we find the right buyer, or enter specific hard to find asset in sought after demographic or business type 
  • Types of Assets We will Search for, or Sell Off Market 
    • Luxury Residential 
    • Tear Downs in Excellent Markets 
    • Tear Downs in B to C Markets 
    • Gas Stations
    • *Specific Businesses & Real Estate* Case by Case Scenario 
    • Office, Class A, Class B, Class C
    • Retail, Retail Mixed Used
    • Hotels
    • Portfolios of SFR, Multi Family, Industrial 
    • Residential, Commercial or Industrial Lots (Land/Parcels) 
    • Residential Real Estate Contiguous (Side by Side) We can demand a market premium for any asset side to side from one another
    • Residential blocks for redevelopment
    • Major Intersections 
  • Markets We Serve: 
    • Prime Markets (Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Malibu, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, etc.)
    • Secondary Markets (Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, etc. ) 
    • Rent or Non-Rent Controlled Markets 
  • Cash Purchases
    • Depends on the Property (we can make an offer immediately) Must meet specific investment criteria.

We can help you acquire the following properties off-market and completely confidential

  • Single Family Home, Single Family Home(s) with Contiguous Lots (Tear Downs)
    • Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Any Beach Market) 
  • Commercial Assets
    • Industrial Properties, CRE, Warehouse 
    • Gas Stations
    • Specific Case by Case Scenarios 
    • Major Intersections 
    • Near Freeways 
    • Primary/Secondary Markets 
  • Apartment Buildings (20-500 units) 
    • Primary/Secondary
    • Garden Markets 
    • Copper Piping (Bonus) 
    • West of the 405 (Bonus) 
    • Portfolios (5 or more buildings) 
    • Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino Counties (Garden apartments, Bonus)
    • Distressed
    • Foreclosed 
    • Vacancies 
    • COVID19 Affected Buildings 
    • Non-Paying Tenants 
  • 2-4 units in California 
    • Secondary/Primary Markets 
    • West of the 405 Freeway 
    • Vacant Homes
    • Tenants Behind
    • Distressed 
    • We will Pay Fair Market Value
  • Real Estate in or with: 
    • Separate Lots in specific markets 
    • Contiguous Lots 
    • Mixed Zoning 
    • Major Intersections 
    • Near Freeways
    • West of the 405 Freeway (Bonus)
    • Beach Markets 
    • All Counties 

Types of Companies/Entities that use our services:

  • Private Equity (executives) 
  • Executives (relocating, want to be within specific markets, zip codes, schools, etc.)
  • Private Equity Real Estate (PERE's) 
  • Hedge Funds 
  • Fund of Funds 
  • Real Estate REITS 
  • Family Offices 
  • Fortune 500 Companies (CEO's, looking for specific portfolios to be sold in bulks) 
  • Strategies We Support Companies With:
    • Value Add
    • Opportunistic 
    • Core
    • Core Plus

Luxury Property Management 

  • We focus on
    • Luxury and secondary markets
    • Single Family Leasing 
    • Primary Markets
      • Beach Markets 
      • West of the 405
      • Southern California Markets 
    • Luxury apartments located in secondary markets 
    • Value add properties
    • Repositioning assets into Luxury Buildings or Luxury Homes
    • Full Service Management (Debt, Tenants, Property, Maintenance) 

Apartment Management (10+ Units)

  • We focus on value add properties 
  • Primary or Secondary Units 
  • Luxury Apartments, or with the ability to be repositioned to Luxury Units 
  • We focus on repositioning assets for higher yielding building returns
  • We find opportunities in your buildings and we analyze and correct weaknesses until they are strengths
  • For More Info: Please see the Property Management Page

Private Lending  

  1. We can loan privately to friends and family using your funding, instead of letting someone just borrow or gift a cash down payment- without a formal contract, we formalize the entire lending process, we record against the property, underwrite the credit, qualify the borrower, fund the transaction, manage the debt, service that debt until its paid off. You, the investor earns an above average return on your cash. We stipulate the rules, and record escrow. 
  2. If you're an investor, we are always looking for new investors to privately back our transactions, our buyers/levered investors have serious skin in the game 5%-50% down Luxury Real Estate AIRBNB's and or VRBOs. 

What we do for investors & buyers:

  • We manage our own investments 
  • We lend (make our own loans) 
  • We service loans
  • We close hard to close transactions

We focus on returning on investment for anyone that invests in us, and our clients- it could be hard money, or hard to close transactions, trust lending, hard money, and non-traditional financing; we have opportunities and would like to pair those with your backing. We are privately owned. We are prudent. We are fiscally responsible, and we will return you an excellent and positive ROI on your investment.   

Hope Street Funding is our sister company and licensed by the NMLS #2040148 and the CA DRE. #2128366; we are licensed to service, loan, and invest in notes/real estate transactions. 


real estate listings 

creative marketing (digital + traditional)

asset management (tenant +debt + property) 


Construction Management

loan servicing

loan management

Loan Origination & Brokerage 

Hard Money Lending

Construction Lending 

Full on-site leasing

business & cre consulting

Syndication/investment opportunities





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Best Mortgage Payments

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A+ Service & Lowest Rates.

We offer Apartment Financing, Bridge Loans | Construction Loans | Jumbo Loans | Super Jumbo Loans | Interest only Non Owner and Non QM Loans | Act Now.

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Low Wholesale Rates + No Cost =

Best Mortgage Payments

Interested in a Reverse Mortgage? $4M Max Cash on Hand!

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Refinancing or Cashing Out?

A+ Service & Lowest Rates.

We offer Apartment Financing, Bridge Loans | Construction Loans | Jumbo Loans | Super Jumbo Loans | Interest only Non Owner and Non QM Loans | Act Now.

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Buyers' Representation

As your Buyer's Representative, we can make the process of house hunting much easier and more efficient than if you did it all yourself. We can help you get financing, guide you to local neighborhoods, help you determine your budget, and prioritize a list of essential features that you need in your next home. We'll save you valuable time by finding the properties that best suit your requirements, and will show you only the most promising ones.

Once you've found a place that catches your eye, we'll look at comparable properties in the area to help determine a purchase offer. Then we'll negotiate on your behalf with the seller to make sure you get the most favorable terms.

It's our job to look after your best interests, and we will do so at no cost to you as a buyer.

If you're ready to start house hunting, you can search real estate listings now. To start working with an agent right away, please contact us.

Full Service Sellers' Representation

Marketing a property, apartment building, quadruplex, luxury estate, land, commercial property, or other type of property on your own is a never ending task. There's a marketing budget, digital and traditional marketing to consider with various pros and cons to discuss, open houses during COVID and crowd management to consider, private showings, buyer screening, determining value, term negotiation, purchase offers to negotiate, analyzing contingencies and benchmarking multiple offer situation within tight deadlines, on top of that we also have to deal with a vast amount of paperwork ranging from disclosures to analyzing ingress to analyzing cash flows from current leases. We have the experts that will make selling house, regardless of asset class a breeze. Make the right choice, and hire a seasoned executive to represent you in this transaction. We have extensive pricing, marketing, and market knowledge that translates into being an excellent listing company to represent you in your transaction. 

First, we'll perform a market price opinion used to determine the closest and most reasonable price for your home, apartment building, duplex, land and or industrial site. We use the latest valuation methods to determine (1) the highest and best value for the property (2) determining the highest price per square foot bared on the market (3) use the latest methods to determine actual value (4) in addition, we find and will lever intrinsic values or "hidden" value for your site,  (5) then we'll provide consulting advice on home staging and or landscaping ideas that will market the home easier and it will increase the curb appeal of the home and possibly the value. We'll advertise your home through a variety of methods, including digital, local print, various websites that have rights to MLS® listings, countless of other ways, and we will market your asset on our Featured Listings page.

When it comes to selling your home, we know that you have options. What we promise is a difference of professionalism on a concierge level experience. Obtaining the best price for your home is given, looking out for your best interest in a seller transactions is also included in our services; we protect you legally by utilizing the latest best practices to represent you while disposing assets that are in distresses, lack recent upgrades, need TLC, and perhaps need an expert who will protect you, your trust and your estate. We guarantee best prices. We will help you and represent from start to finish, making your transaction fast and smooth in addition to having a positive and profitable experience for you, your family, and or organization.

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¿El valor de su casa subió un 10%, 15% este año?
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Hope St.

Su agencia inmobiliaria local

Somos una firma boutique de bienes raíces de servicio completo que está muy enfocada en el servicio al cliente, brindando una excelente experiencia de conserjería.

Somos una firma de corretaje de servicio completo, ofrecemos préstamos inmobiliarios, adquisiciones, enajenaciones, activos y gestión de activos de servicio completo, incluida la gestión de préstamos, que incluye: Optimización de la deuda para maximizar el retorno de la inversión, arrendamiento completo en el sitio, cobro de alquileres, informes, desalojo, y oportunidades de sindicación / inversión.

Ofrecemos programas de préstamos para todo tipo de prestatarios, desde préstamos sofisticados hasta préstamos para compradores de vivienda por primera vez. Servimos a clientes de alto patrimonio neto, y eso significa atender a todos los miembros de la familia. Nuestros productos van desde préstamos de la FHA hasta préstamos de balance de hasta $ 30,000,000. , y ofrecemos oportunidades de financiamiento boutique y a medida para compras de activos de $ 300,000,000.

Nuestra base de clientes está compuesta por propietarios, inversores, desarrolladores inmobiliarios, empresas familiares, usuarios propietarios e inversores familiares o propietarios.

Representación de compradores

Como su Representante del Comprador, podemos hacer que el proceso de búsqueda de vivienda sea mucho más fácil y eficiente que si lo hiciera todo usted mismo. Podemos ayudarlo a obtener financiamiento, guiarlo a los vecindarios locales, ayudarlo a determinar su presupuesto y priorizar una lista de características esenciales que necesita en su próximo hogar. Le ahorraremos un tiempo valioso al encontrar las propiedades que mejor se adapten a sus necesidades y le mostraremos solo las más prometedoras.

Una vez que haya encontrado un lugar que le llame la atención, buscaremos propiedades comparables en el área para ayudarlo a determinar una oferta de compra. Luego, negociaremos en su nombre con el vendedor para asegurarnos de que obtenga las condiciones más favorables.

Nuestro trabajo es velar por sus mejores intereses, y lo haremos sin costo para usted como comprador.

Si está listo para comenzar a buscar una casa, puede buscar listados de bienes raíces ahora. Para comenzar a trabajar con un agente de inmediato, comuníquese con nosotros.

Representación de vendedores de servicio completo

Vender una casa por su cuenta puede ser una tarea abrumadora. Hay publicidad para planificar y presupuestar, jornadas de puertas abiertas y proyecciones privadas para organizar, ofertas de compra para negociar, contingencias de contratos de las que preocuparse y trámites complicados para completar. Hágalo fácil poniendo su hogar en manos de profesionales experimentados. Tenemos una amplia experiencia comercializando propiedades y mostrándolas en su mejor momento.

Primero, realizaremos un análisis de mercado comparable para determinar el precio más apropiado para su hogar. Luego, brindaremos consejos sobre la organización de la vivienda y sugeriremos cambios en el diseño de jardines que ayudarán a atraer compradores. Publicitaremos su casa a través de una variedad de métodos, incluidas publicaciones locales y listados MLS® en línea. Incluso podemos exhibir su casa como parte de los listados destacados de nuestro sitio.

Cuando se trata de negociar una oferta de compra, nos aseguraremos de que obtenga el mejor precio que permita el mercado. Lo ayudaremos a comprender las contingencias del contrato y los detalles del proceso de cierre, además de manejar todo el papeleo por usted. Básicamente, estamos aquí para representarlo durante todo el proceso de venta y para asegurarnos de que su transacción inmobiliaria sea una experiencia positiva y rentable.

Para los vendedores sofisticados

Comercializar una propiedad, edificio de apartamentos, quadruplex, finca de lujo, terreno, propiedad comercial u otro tipo de propiedad por su cuenta es una tarea interminable. Hay un presupuesto de marketing, marketing digital y tradicional a considerar con varios pros y contras para discutir, jornadas de puertas abiertas durante COVID y gestión de multitudes para considerar, proyecciones privadas, selección de compradores, determinación de valor, negociación de plazos, ofertas de compra para negociar, análisis de contingencias y evaluación comparativa situación de oferta múltiple dentro de plazos ajustados, además de eso, también tenemos que lidiar con una gran cantidad de trámites que van desde divulgaciones hasta analizar el ingreso y analizar los flujos de efectivo de los arrendamientos actuales. Contamos con los expertos que harán que vender una casa, independientemente de la clase de activo, sea muy sencillo. Tome la decisión correcta y contrate a un ejecutivo experimentado para que lo represente en esta transacción. Tenemos un amplio conocimiento de precios, marketing y mercado que se traduce en ser una excelente empresa de cotización para representarlo en su transacción.

Primero, realizaremos una opinión de precio de mercado que se utilizará para determinar el precio más cercano y razonable para su casa, edificio de apartamentos, dúplex, terreno o sitio industrial. Usamos los últimos métodos de valoración para determinar (1) el mejor y más alto uso para la propiedad (2) determinando el precio más alto por pie cuadrado en su mercado (3) use lo último y lo mejor para encontrar precios basados ​​en evidencia para determinar el valor real ( 4) además, aprovechamos los valores intrínsecos o el valor "oculto" para su sitio, y comercializamos el activo de manera adecuada en función de esas opciones (5) luego brindaremos asesoramiento de consultoría sobre la puesta en escena del hogar o ideas de paisajismo que comercializarán el hogar más fácil y aumentará el atractivo exterior de la casa. Publicitaremos su casa a través de una variedad de métodos, incluyendo digital, impresión local, varios sitios web que tienen derechos sobre listados MLS®, y comercializaremos su activo en nuestra página de Listados Destacados.

A la hora de vender su vivienda, sabemos que tiene opciones. Lo que prometemos es una diferencia de profesionalismo a nivel de conserjería. Obtener el mejor precio para su vivienda se da, velar por su mejor interés en las transacciones de un vendedor también está incluido en nuestros servicios; Lo protegemos legalmente utilizando las mejores prácticas más recientes para representarlo mientras desechamos activos que están en peligro, carecen de actualizaciones recientes, necesitan TLC y tal vez necesitan un experto que lo proteja a usted, su fideicomiso y su patrimonio. Garantizamos los mejores precios. Lo ayudaremos y representaremos de principio a fin, haciendo que su transacción sea rápida y fluida, además de tener una experiencia positiva y rentable para usted, su familia y / o organización.



















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