Congratulations to our excellent Seller! We appreciate you and your business. 

3 Units Just Sold!

Price: $1,297,000

Terms: Over asking. Cash Offer. As Is. Multiple Offers.

Total Commission Fees Saved: $39,000

Listed by: Carlos Campos, MBA. (President/CEO) 

Carlos Campos, MBA. represented the Seller in the transaction. Property address 2531 Price Dr. La Verne, CA. 91750. 

The APN is 8370-007-020, the lot size of the property is roughly 8,300 sq.ft, and the property approximately is 3,756.  The sale represents the price per square foot right at $345.31 per foot.  The buyer was all cash, the property was listed for 1%. The seller saved close to $39,000 in commission fees.

The property received several offers, several cash offers, and…

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With high real estate prices, high inflation and constant rate changes ????

 Lending executives  shouldn’t: ⛔️

❌Take hours to return phone calls to clients, realtors, partners,

investors, underwriters, or potential clients  

❌Be commission driven

❌Feel entitled or lack transparency in the loan process

Lending executives should: 

✔️ Always be available-strive to never miss phone

calls or return calls within 2-5 minutes

✔️ Always be client driven- provide the best service you can (no

excuses! Customers have options)

✔️ Always be transparent in the transaction and never feel or act

entitled with clients, partners, realtors, investors, etc.

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1. Complete The Loan Application Thoroughly

Completing the Loan Application correctly will help you in the long run. When in doubt, disclose the info!
Clean applications equal clean approvals.

Clean approvals means you’ll close quicker, because the less information we have to discover and the less time we have to spend on the phone digging for this information.

Claim every source of income- regardless of type of income the loan application can be modified by us when we are in the middle of processing your loans. 

Sometimes debt or assets that aren't disclosed becomes a problem or it helps your file- if it's disclosed or if it isn't. Both (disclosing or not) could be good or a bad thing. Some may argue that disclosing information is a bad thing,…

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5 Lessons I’ve learned while launching a business in 2021 or side hustle in 2022

Part 2 of 5: Curb your ego and develop your humility- QUICK

I learned that asking for help isn’t a weakness but in fact is a major strength.

I learned to:

  • Continuously ask for help; this has further built my humility and character
  • Be happy with the fact that I don’t know everything
  • Gracefully accept help and support and push my pride/ego to the side  
  • Endlessly pay it forward and offer my help to others without quid pro quo

For those in a position to help someone when asked- read Proverbs 3:27, then Genesis 12:3.

Know that you are throwing away a blessing every time you don’t help someone out, and when you do help, do so…

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Five QUICK Rules to ORGANIZE your credit

-lock your credit, it may deter you from getting new debt and stop potential fraud

-STOP running your credit! Unless it builds your wealth.

-pay off collections ASAP, GET Paid in Full Letter, have them remove/report ASAP

-for all debts divide and use this formula: debt / outstanding balance = under .40 Good, over .40,

BAD, if 60 or greater PAY principal payments to reduce to 40% or 50% mark

-Pay off your smaller debt (department stores, etc.) off first in chunks

Do these and you will reward yourself with excellent credit- Don’t be a slave to debt. Master your debt!

Better credit = Better Rate, Better Rate = Lower Simple Interest Re-Paid.

 The difference of 40, 50 or 60 points is the…

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5 Lessons I’ve learned while launching a business 

Part 1 of 5: "Change Your Attitude Towards Learning" :

Adapt an attitude of learning immediately and embrace it.

Having this skill and mindset will help you look at problems from a learning perspective opposed to road block or challenge perspective.

Regardless of the teaching moment: technical, client facing, legal, or backend- having a positive learning attitude will help

YOU (entrepreneur or executive) solve problems immediately.

Having a positive attitude and desire to learn has helped me to thrive and to tackle various problems- if I would have

had a poor attitude in 2021 it would’ve been harder or nearly impossible to

execute the launch of a real estate agency & mortgage…

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¿Interesado en obtener un préstamo hipotecario?

Siga estos cuatro sencillos pasos para obtener un préstamo hipotecario.

Pueden pasar muchas cosas entre los pasos 1 a 4, es por eso que necesita un corredor hipotecario de confianza que sepa cómo navegar con agentes inmobiliarios, vendedores, inversores, suscriptores, varios tipos de ingresos, tipos de prestatarios (empleo por cuenta propia, W2 o ingresos múltiples). o sin ingresos, Corporación/W2, ingresos extranjeros) y pautas de inversión.

Entre los pasos 1-4 es donde dominamos y nos destacamos.

Somos Hope St. y Hope Street Funding, podemos ayudarlo a adquirir y encontrar financiamiento solo para su necesidad específica.

Prestatarios, futuros compradores e inversores, tenemos las tasas más…

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Interested in obtaining a home loan?

Follow these easy four steps in obtaining a home loan.

So much can happen in between steps 1-4, this is why you need a trusted mortgage broker who knows how to navigate realtors, sellers, investors, underwriters, various types of incomes, borrower types (Self-employment, W2, or multiple incomes or no income, Corporation/W2, foreign income), and investment guidelines.

In between steps 1-4 is where we dominate and stand out. 

We are Hope St. and Hope Street Funding, we can help you acquire and…

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Purchase season is around the corner and securing a home loan is easy for us, we find the lowest rate, payment and cost! Contact us @ 866-201-2747 to find out how much home you qualify for. Book a chat / pre-approval please fill out our connect card below. 

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