We help you Buy investments. We Renovate. We Rent or Lease and Manage. We Refinance. Then, We Repeat the process. 

Your nest egg grows and your generational wealth increases! 



Who needs this BRRRR Service? 

If you are a young millennial, gen x'er or baby boomer who has a strong sources of income but pay have large tax expenses on a yearly basis, with little or no depreciation or losses to claim, you'll need to load up on purchase rentals or invest in rentals. The good news for you is that we can do all of this in house. Investors or individuals seeking multiple sources of equity and income should invest actively and or passively in real estate. If you're rebalancing your crypto portfolios, you should be invested in real estate- you can lock in your profits from one asset and cash flow from another. As this will yield significant income for life, or until you sell the property.

By purchasing investment properties and depreciating more assets you may reduce the effective tax rate on your financial and tax structure, thus saving you millions of dollars. 


We help you buy homes or residential multi-family units that are value add- meaning that these value-add properties or homes have unlocked underlying value. We focus on finding homes or apartment units that can have its value be extracted.  The projects (homes or multifamily units) we seek, are not complete tear downs, but may need some work, are habitable; as this further reduces our acquisition expense to enter the market for specific real estate buyers and investors. We have a disciplined approach as to what we present to buyers and investors, the criteria we select, where we select and who is a fit for that investment all varies. We have over 20 years knowledge in picking value add properties (on and off-market) for large real estate investors who own and operate in the Southern California luxury and secondary markets. We bring that value to you. We are highly seasoned in this expertise. We know what to look for. We focus our purchases wherever the unlocked value really is and really- we are not tied to market a specific market. We seek and find the best investment under our market circumstances.

We find the units that extract value- and we stick to our disciplined approach, this extracts value for our buyers and investors. Every day in residential and multifamily real estate in Southern California brings different opportunities a few are better than most, not every home sold on the market is an opportunity. When the opportunities present themselves- we analyze the investment and swing, we do not swing at everything that is thrown to us.

During our due diligence phase of selected or "chosen" sites. we analyze leases/rents in the area, building exterior/interior, take construction cost estimates, determine total budget for renovations, we take those figures and conduct waterfall analysis and financial models that will benchmark property performance after renovations- we determine returns for investors, create a business/financial plan for each property- lay out the risk, analyze KPI's, conduct walkthroughs, review leases/tenants files, and risk grade the property, and lastly we strategize on how to lease the property at closing. Our secret sauce (if we made one) would rely on making profit for our investors at the purchase. This is where the profits are made. Anyone can do these items we do, the difference is that we are excellent and transparante at it. We simply unlock everything through a disciplined approach and process regardless of if its a 4-unit quadruplex or 300 unit property in Riverside, CA.



We help you renovate the investments with the trusted vendors we have in place. If its a single family home, or four unit complex, or value add apartment building with 30 units, and 6 commercial spots, we have experience in renovating older units into new luxury living spaces. These luxury units will demand actual or above market rents compared to the average monthly rents that most landlords enjoy.  By renovating, we will force increase the value on your asset, allowing you to complete the next step. 


After we finish renovating the property, we lease the property. Our renovated non-furnished units will demand high monthly market rents since the finishes, access, safety, lighting, paint, appliances, and amenities we provide are all higher end. For luxury homes, we have the option to fully furnish. 

Before leasing the property, we find you qualified tenants, we underwrite the potential tenants, run credit checks, verify income sources, verify employment and ensure that the tenant is a credit worthy. We will market the property on our website, MLS, and various websites that we are affiliated with through the use of CRMLS/MLS/CLAW, and the National Association of Realtors Membership. 

Our Buy, Renovate, and Lease program is offered to all of our apartment owners and investors, new investors, and joint venture groups looking to invest as a group, but without having to do all the work. We help execute this strategy for you and your team. We also provide this service for family owners who wish to acquire new properties but don't have the staff to execute. We have the staff for you to grow your portfolio from ten buildings, to 1,000 units.  

Refinance (Cash Out~At New Value)

After we assist you in unlocking the value of your investment by choosing the appropriate house, four plex, apartment building, etc; the house or investment will now appraise for a higher valued amount. If its an apartment, the cap rate will be lower as vacancies will be occupied and leases will be to market rent levels. These activities will force increase the value and increase your equity, the forced increased will allow you to cash out, and use the cash out as tax-free earnings or it will allow you the ability to place this as a down for the next investment. 

Repeat (Buy the New Value Add Site)

After we cash out, we take the earnings of the property, set a new budget- pair you up with the appropriate loan and help you acquire your next property. We will handle the  purchase, renovating, leasing, refinancing, and recommend the next area to focus on that will yield more cash flow, passive income, and significant equity gains at purchase. 



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