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Comparative Market Analysis

What is the comparative market analysis The CMA or Comparative Market Analysis determines the appropriate listing price of a property. ,Our goal is to provide you a CMA that is relatively close to the appropriate listing price and adjust the price accordingly to improvements, market conditions, etc. Appraisals cost between $500-$1,500 (or more) depending on the type of appraisal conducted. The CMA is free, and an excellent offset to the cost of an appraisal. Our CMA is complimentary and usually takes us around 6 hours of thorough market research to determine a range of value. The range of value is then honed in after we inspect the property. 

Residential, CRE, Industrial, Healthcare Real Estate, Apartment Asset Valuation

When you're ready to sell, you have more questions than answers. We can help you answer these questions: What is the market value of your apartment building in today's market? Every market is different and depends on where your property is located among hundreds of other factors. What is the price per square foot for my property in this market , but my property has vacant units and its in standard  condition? Every market is different, the price per square foot varies from town to town, county to county. Some areas are rent controlled, others are not. Locations can vary; within primary or secondary cities, this has an effect on the price per square foot. Some markets have A+ rents, and rental markets are very strong with strong market indication that apartments when vacant are rented out quickly, other properties in secondary cities have A+ rents, but weak rental markets and high vacancy rates until leased or rented. The truth is, that the pricing all depends on a series of analysis to determine the true price per square foot and very specialized to find comparables based on similar conditions, while looking at the market conditions.  How do vacancies affect the value of the apartment building? Each property is uniquely different, and so are the cash flows. We take everything into consideration, if you're selling or buying, we focus on the optimized price for your investment, so that way you sell for the highest amount, or buy for the lowest amount. We factor in vacancies and we also factor in We have experience in selling multifamily units, garden apartments in luxury markets, or secondary markets. We have experience in selling selling properties within rent-controlled markets, and with tenants who are active participants in Section 8 programs. 

Data & Local Market Knowledge

At Hope St. we know the most likely value of your home based on recent transactions in the area- which will include on, or off-market activity. We have millions of data points on any given location. 

At Hope St. we combine data aggregated from various sources MLS, CLAW, CRMLS, and external data sources. We can determine the range of value and be within a 98.5% accuracy. Hope Street Funding and Realty can lever this data to ensure you receive maximum price for your property. 

Advance Modeling: Discounted Cash Flow Methods, IRR, Breakeven Analysis, Price Earnings Multipliers

We are able to determine various  internal rate of return, return on investment, breakeven points, discounted cash flow value, present value, and future value of any asset- including apartments, garden apartments, 200 units, 50 units, 750 units with commercial, single family bulk purchases, luxury SFR construction, or beachfront or-spec; and this knowledge and insight makes us deadly at representing you at the negotiating table when selling or buying any asset, land, underused and unentitled land or space. 

Accurate Pricing  

Our sources of data include MLS, CRMLS, CLAW, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, CRE, and various internal API's and third party data providers that lenders/investors use to determine value on specific types of asset- typical brokerage firms don't have access to these since they aren't both lenders/realtors, and we are both. Making us completely unique with valuing homes correctly and accurately. Before a home or multifamily appraises , we know within 97%, the accuracy of the listing price- this helps us to reduce listings, and sell homes much more faster than competitors who price based on feel. We look at hard data, gauge the supply of the market and prudently determine the most likely selling price, this is part art and part financial science- combined with our own data/methods, we determine values quickly and accurately. The last thing the seller wants, is to re-list their home because he/she listed for higher than what was fair to cover list fees or compensation. We avoid all of this from the very beginning, we charge less which helps sellers save more and net more with our accurate pricing. If the property is accurately priced, and goes to a bidding war; the seller wins and nets more.