The Golden Jewel

Manhattan Beach, CA.

Manhattan Beach is a fabulous hidden gem of a city, its located southwest part of Los Angeles, California. Real Estate prices in this town have gradually increased since 2006 YoY by 6.25%. Making this place an not only an excellent place to live, but an excellent place to park your cash with investments. Manhattan Beach is the golden jewel of the South Bay. The golden jewel is located 15 minutes from LAX, making this place a truly special place to live in and to visit.

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Manhattan Beach Recent Sale Statistics

Average Price $3M
Lowest Price $1.3K
Highest Price $28.5M
Total Listings 179
Avg. Days On Market 75
Avg. Price/SQFT $816

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More About Manhattan Beach

Demographics : Manhattan Beach’s population in 2019 was almost 36,000. Predominantly, the household income for this city is north of $180,000 per household. The average FICO in this town is 785. 32% of owners, own more than one property. 50% of owners own more than 5 properties, and 15% of owners own apartment units for passive income. Majority of investors who don't live or and work here, enjoy passive income from real estate investments in the area. 40% of developers- are focused on this prime market. In terms of demographics- there's a lack of supply in the market for SFR's. The average downpayment is close to 

Weather : The high temperature is nearly 70°F year round, with a low-average temperature of 57°F.

Market Statistics: Over $155,608,000 traded in real estate in the month of September to October/2021. The average price sold in this market is $3,890,300 with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, low HOA of $293 or no HOA. Built near 1,979.  The average lot size is 4,594 and lasted less than 14 days on the market before sold. Most homes that sold were located in Beach Tree and Sand communities. 

Why buy here? Home appreciation has increased significantly since 2006. The City of Manhattan Beach has ranked in the top 30 most expensive cities to live in the United States. The median price of a home is north of $3,000,000 and the average day for home sold is less than 50 days when compared to all homes listed at all price ranges across different buyer segments and selling points- not bad. The facts are there- homes sell fast, and there's limited inventory- making this an ideal market to park your cash. The price per square foot compared to hot Asian markets, the price can be as high as $20,000 per square foot. The price per square foot in London for an average every day house is nearly $1,200 PPSQFT- (without beach access), but when we move to beachfront access, the price per square foot in England, will cost you over $3,400 dollars per square foot. Manhattan Beach is a bargain compared to those two prices. Making it slightly cheaper with better climate- and safe appreciation. Some would even consider Manhattan Beach a value-add city so buy now, invest now, and you'll reap heavy returns later. 

Investors and Builders If a home sells in less than 50 days with an average of $3,800,000 list price- your investment of purchasing a single family residence, or a duplex or apartments within the community will appreciate faster than homes that aren’t near the beach, why? Many factors really, but short supply inventory, high household incomes, and high discretionary income makes it perfect for investors, and buyers alike.

First Time Buyers and Previous Owners Buying in Manhattan Beach Buyers buying within luxury markets, and within beach access is a combination made in heaven, almost like marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey's chocolate bars put together, they just go together! Low supply, and fast appreciation make it an ideal place to park your cash. Buyers buying within luxury markets are also protected against market downturns. Nilsen research and our market experience show's that luxury homes are less susceptible to market downturns than homes that located within luxury-beach front locations.

Developing in Manhattan Beach Any investment in this area can be converted to cash in less than 14 days or to play it safe, less than 50 days, which is extremely fast- assuming you buy or build the right- in demand asset means this is an ideal, golden city to develop supply and sell it at a premium. Why do you want to develop here and invest here? Well, in short- Manhattan Beach has been ranked as one of the best cities to live, it’s won many awards for Night life, entertainment, and ranked as “one of the best cities to live” by the Orange County Register. If you invested $5,000,000 in 2018 here, this value now would have reached easily 30% in this time frame, you’re equity now would be worth $6,500,000. That's a staggering networth jump of $1,500,000. Wether you're buying and holding, or buying and developing your investment dollars are in a safe, downturn protected market.

Our goal: wether your a buyer or developer buying in this area: to build your net worth. If you're a developer, sign up now (1) know this market (2) benchmark the financial returns against a purchase, or new construction scenarios and can create models at 65% Loan to Construction with ROI's surpassing 40-50% thresholds. (3) lastly, we have agency jumbo loans, bridge loans and construction loans standing by with prime investors. Our solutions are in place to maximize your net worth- at the lowest cost possible. 

The communities within Manhattan Beach. The city is broken up into several sections, Sand, Costa, Tree, Mira Costa, Hill, Heights, Village, and Liberty. Typically- near the sand section of Manhattan Beach- the prices of these homes range between $5,000,000 to $30,000,000. The Sand or Strand of Manhattan Beach has an average price of $4,936,236. The average built home in this area is 1,984- making it a perfect place for developers to tear down old units to make way for new custom built speculative homes that are in hot demand. The average size of home in the Sand section is roughly 3,074 with an average lot size of 3,856 square feet, it doesn’t sound like a lot- but everything here can have two or three, or even four stories- with garage parking. It’s a perfect place to buy, renovate and sell, or buy and develop then sell. The lot space are carefully used by top and world renowned architects and developers who maximize every inch of allowed space.

Let’s meet your future neighbors! This place is special because its year round gorgeous weather and the who of who from businesses and entertainment lives and plays here.

If you are in show business within the Strand, you have celebrities like Erin Andrews, TV Reporter and Dancing with the Starts Co-Host. Brad Bird, Director, Executive Producer- (Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Mission Impossible-MI4, Your friend the Rat, Batteries not Included). You have other fantastic and talented people from the entertainment field such as Zooey Deschanel (New Girl), Jane Elliot, Matthew Fox (Lost) Neal Israel (Surf Ninja), Ben McKenzie (Southland, The OC), Other famous actors/producers such as the Wedding Crashers’ Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers, Shanghai Noon, Zoolander, Meet the Parents, The Royal Tenenbaums) and actor/producer Vince Vaughn (The Breakup, Brawl, Sullivan and Son, Fred Claus, The Internship). As you can tell- we absolutely love entertainment and we are sure that you will too.

With ton’s of other award winning journalists and more notable business people like that of John Bollinger- creator of the Bollinger Bands used for stock charting, and Businessman turned Author Jordan Belford- The Wolf of Wall Street- played by Leonardo DiCaprio. If you're a celebrity or business tycoon or somewhere in between, and if your looking for discretion in your home buying process- we are more than happy to find you a house, and keep everything under wrap so your privacy and your families privacy is maintained. We value your privacy- and can be trusted with serving you. 

Sports Figures that live in Manhattan beach are Matt Barnes from the Los Angeles Lakers, Brian Cook from the Los Angeles Clippers, Jeanie Buss, Executive Director and Owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Maria Sharapova, Mike D’Antoni Head Coach of the Houston Rockets, Luke Walton Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Pete Carrol Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks- come and coach the Rams already- half the team lives in this city! Bruce Arena- head coach of the Los Angeles Galaxy, Rob Blake- executive for the Los Angeles Kings.

Manhattan Beach & Location The city is located southwest of Los Angeles- 15 minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport, 23 minutes from North Orange County, or 30 minute driving distance to south Orange County, making it a fantastic place to live, or invest in real estate. If you are an outsider- and never bought real estate in the United States, and have some money that you would like to park in an asset that won’t devalue- start here. The price per square foot is a bargain compared to Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood. The most expensive house for sale in this market, currently -off-market is $40M, and the most affordable townhouse for sale is $900K.

Just another typical day in Manhattan Beach.

It's always busy with foot traffic, as everyone is out looking for a table to sit down, enjoy a glass of wine and catch the sunset. 

Always busy in Manhattan Beach- shoppers.

Lot's of window shopping going on here. 

High End Glasses for Sale- can't blame the mom and daughter- they both have excellent taste!

A local merchant shows off $150,000 rings- just another day in the office he said. If you doubt that there's wealth in this City- take a look at this picture. There's ton's of disposable income in this city- and this Jeweler knows it. 

This isn't the best photo in the world- but it's a great photo in the sense that we captured the hustle and bustle of this town- we have the lights coming on at night- and we have a simple dreamiest just enjoying the view and taking it all in. 

Lot's of families walking at sunset, enjoying the excellent cool- brisk weather in Manhattan Beach. 

Sunset in Manhattan Beach, CA

If you look closely, you'll find the Golden Jewel. The town is out and about, cyclist- and walkers alike- out and about enjoying the sunset. Everyday it looks this gorgeous. 

The colors in Manhattan Beach are absolutely amazing. 

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