What to expect in your pre-purchase appointment? 

Considering Purchasing a home or investment? We can help. In this appointment, we will cover the following:  

  • Understand Your Income and Sources of Income
  • Understand Your Debt and Obligations Repayment History
  • Find the range of your purchase price
  • We set and determine your home budget 
  • Provide you necessary next steps for providing you a Desktop Approval, or "DU Approval"
  • Analyze your Assets 
  • Define your Purchase Strategy custom tailored to you and your co-borrower
  • Determine if you qualify for a VA Home Loan
  • Create a custom strategy for you to purchase a home (Custom to your needs)
  • View Sources of Income 

We can help you finance your purchase and handle all your real estate needs in-house! Book us now! The estimated value for your appointment is $499. 

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Welcome to Hope Street Funding & Realty, and Hope St. a vertical luxury real estate agency in Southern California, we are the best real estate agency in Southern California- and here you can book us for a complimentary Pre-Purchase Appointment, your gateway to exclusive luxury living in Southern California. We offer a comprehensive, vertically integrated approach that includes property selection, financing solutions, and assistance with commercial debt and residential mortgage qualification. Living in Southern California can be very expensive, regardless if you're renting or purchasing a home or business location. Our job is to help you find that dream home or business location. Whether you're dreaming of a luxury property or or commercial real estate; you'll have our expert guidance on financing and pre-approval, and of purchasing the home or investment your interested in; we're here to make it happen. Schedule your pre-purchase appointment with our seasoned real estate and finance experts today to embark on your Southern California luxury lifestyle.
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What to Expect in Your Pre-Purchase Appointment with Vertical Integration and Mortgage Qualification?

At Hope St. & Hope Street Funding & Realty, our vertically integrated luxury real estate agency will provide, our integrated approach ensures a seamless journey from property selection to financing, including mortgage qualification. Here's what you can expect during your appointment:

1. Consultation & Home Budget: Our experienced real estate broker and financing experts will review your financial profile and create a home budget for you; we will start by understanding your goals, down payment, analyze income, and desired payment. Then we will create your customized home budget; tailored to your unique needs, preferences, and budget. We'll discuss your time frame and vision for your Southern California luxury property and assess your financial situation to determine your eligibility for mortgage pre-approval.

2. Site Selection Review: Based on your preferences, we'll present a curated selection of luxury properties from our portfolio and what is available from the MLS against your desired search criteria. You'll receive detailed information about each property, including location, features, pricing, and available financing options.

3. Market Insights: We'll provide an overview of the current Southern California luxury real estate market, including trends and factors that might influence your decision. Our integrated approach means we can also discuss financing trends, rates, and terms in real-time.

4. Mortgage Qualification: Our experts will assist you in evaluating your mortgage qualification criteria. We ensure that you get the best mortgage solutions tailored to your financial goals and creditworthiness, on top of that we make sure to provide you best wholesale pricing. Our ELIRP model means, "Everyday Low Interest Rate Pricing" model that we provide you the lowest rate on the market. While banks have multiple locations and large real estate complexes they carry heavier fixed expenses therefore charging you more than us; we don't, we remain frugal- every expense justified; with low-fixed expenses and low variable expenses, we provide our wholesale discount to the buyer, very similar to how Costco sells in bulk. We sell our mortgages in pools and in bulk, and sell to the highest purchaser in the wholesale market. This benefits our clients because the traditional 30 year mortgage- is 20-40% lower than banks and credit unions, and 35% - 50% lower than other brokerages.  

5. Pre-Approval Process: If you're ready to take the next step, we'll guide you through the pre-approval process, helping you gather the necessary documentation and paperwork required by lenders.

6. Questions and Answers: Your appointment is your opportunity to ask any questions about the buying process, legal aspects, financing terms, and the mortgage pre-approval process, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of the entire transaction.

7. Personalized Guidance: Throughout the appointment, our experts will provide personalized guidance to help you make informed decisions, both about the property and the financing options that best align with your needs.

8. Next Steps: By the end of the appointment, you'll have a clear plan for your Southern California luxury property or investment purchase, including finalized financing arrangements, pre-approval status, and documentation requirements.

9. Follow-Up: After the appointment, we'll continue to provide support, answering any additional questions and assisting you as you move forward with your property purchase, financing, and mortgage pre-approval process.
At Hope Street Funding & Realty' and Hope St. our vertically integrated approach ensures that you have access to all the resources you need, from property selection to financing solutions and mortgage pre-approval assistance, all in one place. Your dream Southern California luxury property is within reach, and we're excited to be your trusted partners in achieving it.

Schedule your pre-purchase appointment today, and let us help you turn your Southern California luxury real estate ownership dream into a reality. With our integrated approach, we're committed to helping you acquire your next luxury property or investment with convenience and applied wisdom. 

If you're ready to take the first step in exploring your options, we invite you to reach out today. Click below to schedule a no-obligation pre-listing appointment. We're here to listen, answer your questions, and provide the support you need to make a decision that's right for you.

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