The Ultimate Loan PROCESSING Checklist

As interest rates fluctuate daily, you'll need an excellent loan guide to follow before locking your loan. This is it! Provide these documents as quickly as possible not to hold your loan in queue, the goal is to send the loan quickly to underwriting and to the investor if the investor doesn't have the loan yet. This is the difference between us and competitors, Hope Street Funding & Realty doesn't delay in the processing time. We lock and close 80% to 300% faster than industry leaders and the industry average. We work VERY FAST. When timing matters with interest rates, To process your loan in the quickest time allowed per federal/state law, please provide the following documents: 

Assuming you are financing using A paper loans:

Pre-Qualifying Documents- Send All pages even if those pages are blank

  • 2 years personal tax returns, include all schedules (1065's, etc) -
  • 2 Most Recent Paystubs
  • 2 most recent W-2s 
  • 2 most recent 1099's 
  • 2 months most recent bank statements for all checking, savings, or liquid asset accounts
  • 2 years business federal tax returns with all schedules, if you're self-employed
  • Schedule of Real Estate if own more than 3 properties 
  • Letter of Explanation if you were late on any mortgages during COVID 

If you own, manage, and rent properties

  • Thorough Schedule of Real Estate Owned (Download this doc here if you don't have one already) 
  • Rental Agreements 
  • Closing Disclosure or Final HUD Settlement 
  • Copy of Declaration Page (If you don't have impounds in the mortgage)
  • Most recent mortgage statement
  • Letter of Explanation if you were late on any mortgages during COVID 

If Self Employed

  • 2 most recent years of personal tax returns, include all schedules
  • 2 most recent K1's -if you own a business
  • 2 years business federal tax returns with all schedules, if you're self-employed
  • 2 Most recent financial statements for all investments (stocks, bonds, 401K's)
  • 2 years of  1099's, Tax Extensions
  • Financial Statements: (Income Statement, Balance Sheet) in Condensed Format: 
  • LLC Operating Agreement 
  • Articles of Incorporation 

If you're buying with a trust and financing 

  • Most Recent Certificate of Trust
  • Most Recent Trust Bank Account  

Bridge Loan or Construction Loan 

  • Construction Contract with Builder or Sworn Statement 
    • Plans, Layouts, Renderings
    • Construction Plan, Schedule and Itemized Cost 
    • Total Cost of Construction
    • Builders Risk Insurance
    • Surety Bond for Builder/Contractor 
    • Exit Strategy 
  • Aerial Footage, Photography of the site
  • Articles of Incorporation, LLC/Operating Agreement 
  • Profit/Loss Statement (most recent, annual/audited, condensed income/balance sheet) 
  • Most recent mortgage statement for all assets owned for all guarantors and co-borrowers 
  • Most recent bank statements for all assets owned by the c corp, s corp, llc, or partnership
  • Most recent bank statements for all guarantors, and co-borrowers
  • Schedule of Real Estate Assets Owned, taxes and insurance coverage 
  • Homeowners Insurance if in construction
  • Log of large construction trucks sitting outside the subject property for any reason hired by the builder/contractor, itemized and photographed (not required but recommended for insurance purposes)  
  • Letter of Explanation to explain credit, income, or issues with the subject property 

If you are currently purchasing an asset and need lending representation in California, Colorado, and or Florida

  • Fully Executed Purchase Sales Contract
  • Copy of Good Faith Deposit
  • Insurance Home Quote from your Insurance Agent, contact information

Format to submit these documents: PDF only, assume that every document needs to be included even if it's a blank page, etc.  

Submit to: Processing@HopeSF.US 

Subject: Street Address/Loan#

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