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HOPE STreet Funding & Realty 

We offer you full service marketing.

We Include Statewide MLS, and Nationwide Marketing for Apartments and all CRE properties. 

We sell for the highest price!

We net you more!

We save you more!

We Retain Your Wealth More!

Sell and Save Now. 



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11 Reasons to List With Us 

1. We Offer The Lowest List Fees in your City.  

Guaranteed, we will beat pricing, hands down no questions asked. We will also provide you an active report showing you the expected net savings. This won't last forever, so claim your appointment now. Book your savings now. (Terms and Conditions Apply). 

We net you more when you sell for full service with us! Save more than 50% when selling with us. 

2. We Provide Full Service Marketing and get Cash Offers.

We always properly market every listing, and spare no expense. 

  • MLS/CRMLS/CLAW, etc. 
  • Professional Photography
  • Attract Wealthier Clients
  • Attract Cash Buyers
  • Attract Key Market Players/Stakeholders
  • Appropriate Pricing
  • Open Houses
  • Broker Caravans 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Other marketing Items (Competitive Advantage) 


4. We know STRATEGIC VALUATION & PRICING. We price ASSETS Correctly!

Overpricing is the #1 Factor why homes don't sell within the first 30 days of being on the market. If a home sells for more than it's worth then you net more because our fees are lower than traditional brokerage houses or agencies. If the house sells at the expected market value, or over listing; either you win. We avoid this by pricing correctly, so we attract the correct agents or buyers. 

5. We CREATE real TANGIBLE Value. 

At Hope St. We have learned how to create value. Real Tangible Value. We are a high-end; value based agency that is focused on your long term success as a property owner, property manager, investor, or developer.  We are focused on disrupting the traditional model of doing business. We managed to make a model that truly disrupts our industry. We aren't discounting our services, we are investing in our mutual success as an agency to continue to serve you and your business. When you do business with us, we set the rules of fairness in fees, not agents, managers, market leaders, or middle men between the broker/ownership. You get the best, transparent deal. No Hassle fee. 

6. Non-Traditional Negotiation & We uphold CONFIDENTIALITY. 

We earn your trust and therefore your address, phone number details, and other confidential information that matters, that is why most NDA's exist. The problem with NDA's is that these contracts don't shed light into the ones who sign them. Agents are People, and people without character, focused solely on making a quick buck after your sale, will always break the NDA. It's simple. There's zero character, then there's no true bond between client, and word, and legal document.  We make handshake deals, and keep our mouths quiet. Old-School handshake deals lead to more referrals among the ultra-high net worth clients we seek to serve. We live from your referrals, that's how we really make our living. We value privacy. We really do. We will never ever break NDA's, or publish your address, or even disclose it at the negotiation table. We don't need it. In fact, If our statement above doesn't represent what your looking for, let us know what you're looking for, and we will make sure to accommodate you every step of the way. 

7. As lenders, we know what the home will appraise for before its ever listed. 

A traditional agent finds a lamp, and pop's out a genie, and he/she is given one wish- he/she would wish for they had access to the data of every home, appraisal information, loan information, latest valuation report, not only of the subject home but of the neighbors home, and hundreds of others in the vicinity of the subject property. Having millions of data points within a tenth of a mile of each home in the states we serve is what we have access to. An agency's wish is at our fingertips and deployed daily for clients. We know how to lever this data, and create value for you, the seller and buyer alike. One sells at the max, the other knows exactly at the max to buy, both critical when combined with local market knowledge, then you have a powerful combination of tools for pricing and determining what is fair. Our data is backed by large wholesalers, government institutional entities such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and aggregated and cross referenced to traditional MLS/CLAW data. Having all of these databases and millions of data points around your home truly supports our model, and proper valuation of residential assets. Book Now. 

8. We know how to target cash buyers and offers. (Bonus).

9. We know apartment buildings and how cash flow works. 

10. We specialize in selling affordable housing and rent control properties throughout Southern California.

11. We know rent controlled markets and specialize in selling traditional, affordable, and luxury apartment/mixed used sales owned and operated in LA, OC, SD, VC, I.E and Riverside Counties.

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